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OS: Windows 95/98/2000/NT/XP/2003
Size: 1.79MB
License: Shareware, free to try
Price: $39.95 $33.95 (save $6.00) ONLY available on DVDTool.net

I like to watch my favorite DVD's, but frequent viewings will destroy the disc. How can I save them in a better way?

WinAVI DVD Copy could easily copy the DVD, The copied disc can be playback with your hard drive, home and PC DVD players.

And it is amazing at personalizing the content on the disc. Such as audio, subtitles and special features, Get a perfect and direct copy at a much better speed.

Product Introduction

WinAVI DVD Copy is a very useful software program for backing up your DVD movies. By using it, you can easily copy your whole DVD collection at a fast speed while giving you an exact copy of your DVD.

WinAVI DVD Copy has a user friendly interface which makes copying your DVD's more convenient. WinAVI DVD Copy has functions to please the average users needs as well as having more advanced functions for the professional user. With an advanced video compress engine and the ability to copy at fast speeds, WinAVI DVD Copy can make a direct copy in just 30 minutes. Since WinAVI DVD Copy gives you a perfect copy, the AV quality (Audio Video) will be exactly the same as the original. You can personalize your DVD by choosing your favorite chapters, subtitles and audio. ( At the same time, you can remove unwanted content to save disc space.) WinAVI DVD Copy supports both NTSC and PAL DVD movies. Also, WinAVI DVD Copy supports CD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, and DVD+RW discs. (Instead of burning to disc, you can keep the movie on your hard drive so that you do not ware out your DVD Rom.)

From now on, burning DVD's will never be boring again. Copy your DVD, Doubles your enjoyment!

Key Features

Supports copy from DVD-9 to one DVD-5 disc.
Supports split and copy DVD-9 into to 2 DVD-5, saves the original MENU.
Supports copy DVD-5 onto DVD+R in 1:1.
Compatibility in NTSC and PAL format DVD movies.
High speed copying, only 30 minutes for one copy.
Advanced video compression engine, has no effect on the quality.
Direct copy, without occupying your hard drive.
Supports copying the DVD movie to DVD disc.
Supports home DVD players.
Personalize the copy with your favorite subtitles/audio.
Allows the user to omit special features and only copy the main movie.
Allows you to preview the movie while you are copying.
Supports shutdown the computer option after copy.
Just one click of the mouse, easy to use.
Remove the regional protection and any other multi-protections.

Why choose WinAVI DVD Copy?

Direct copy, without occupying in your hard drive, fast speed and excellent video quality.

Advanced video compress engine, fast copying, and the funcation for "On the fly", these can make a direct copy in just 30 minutes for one DVD disc. DIY will never be boring for you from now on. The Copy keeps the excellent AV(Audio&Video) quality, and doubles your enjoyment.

Prolongs the lifetime of your CD-ROM and DVD's. It can even save power for your laptop.

With WinAVI DVD Copy, you can save your favorite DVD's in a better way, just save the movie to your hard drive, in order to prolong the lifetime of your CD-ROM. It is also a good way to satisfy your entertainment and business needs if you have your laptop, but not your CD-ROM.

Powerful in burning various types of discs.

Personalize copy your favorite contents/subtitles/languages/audio. Supports NTSC and PAL DVD movies. Supports CD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW discs.
Copy your DVD, Double your enjoyment!


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